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Restaurant renovation- concoct the perfect recipeBeyond your kitchen, the atmosphere, decor and layout of your restaurant all play an essential role in attracting clientele. Contractors and other professionals with solid experience in restaurant construction will take into account the diverse complexities of your project. They'll contribute to the success of your business as if it were their own.

Refresh the look of your restaurant
To get your project started, we have already found the best commercial designers, architects and contractors specializing in the hospitality sector. Let us refer you to the most reputable professionals in the industry. Then you can choose the one that suits you best, all at no cost.Throughout the projects they have completed over the years hospitality construction experts have developed, refined and honed their talents in the field and have continually proven their ability to adhere to the deadlines and budgets of their clients. Our advisors can help you with your restaurant construction or renovation project, taking into account your needs.What areas of your restaurant should you renovate?Restaurant renovation is not as simple as one might think since it requires the coordination of several rooms, each important in their own way! Here are the rooms of a restaurant that are most visited and need to be modified most often:

Dining roomProbably one of the most important stages of your restaurant renovation is the layout and renovation of your dining room. This is where the identity of your restaurant comes to light and where you can let your creativity thrive. Consider the modern, chic, rustic, extroverted, casual, sporty and other styles. Everything is possible! It is necessary to balance the decor, style and efficiency by offering the right number of seats in the layout of the room. This is done to maximize capacity while maintaining comfort levels. An experienced architect will be able to present you the solutions that best meet your criteria and thus ensure the success of your project!

Dining roomPreviousNextBar areaSeveral restaurants have a bar area that is made for customers who want a more lively atmosphere than that of the dining room. If this is an area you currently have as part of your restaurant or are considering adding to cater to a broader crowd, you will want to make sure the look and feel are in-line with that of the rest of the premises.Bar sectionPreviousNextTerrace
What better place for a summer happy hour than to sit on a terrace and enjoy the warmth, cocktail in hand? To allow your guests to enjoy it to the fullest, it's important to have a lively, colourful, flowery and bright terrace. In the design of furniture, ramps, tables, and accessories all need to be carefully considered. It is also important to implement a solution to protect your customers from last minute rain and other bad weather, whether using umbrellas, a retractable roof and/or outdoor heaters.TerracePreviousNextBathroom
Do not cut your guests' appetite with messy, aged bathrooms dating back to the 1990s. It is important to keep the atmosphere and look of the rest of your restaurant on the same level. You can implement a classic style or a more stylish and unique look for the restaurant bathroom to instill a sense of luxury as part of the dining experience.Restaurant bathroom
PreviousNextKitchenTo make the lives of your chefs easier when it comes to the preparation of dishes and the different stages and the stations to use, it's possible that a kitchen refurbishment could help you to arrive at a solution that would increase productivity and reduce the time to prepare dishes. It is also effective to replace old ovens and old hoods to ensure the performance of all your kitchen appliances remains optimal.Storage room and pantryAgain, customers usually don't have access to these areas. So it is for utility and performance that people renovate this type of room. However, it should be noted that more and more restaurants are displaying their wines with glass wine cellars. It makes for a beautiful decoration and can push customers to want to try one of your selection of wines. A specialized architect will know how to orchestrate the construction of such a storage room as part of your restaurant renovation depending on the space you have available if it is an element you would like to include.

Cool roomFor practical purposes, it may be beneficial to improve the cool room in various ways. Its refrigeration system may be ineffective or possibly consumes too much energy for what it can refrigerate. A change in the refrigeration system could save you significantly in annual electricity costs. It is also possible to refurbish some of these refrigerators to allow you to store more food.

Accessibility for people with disabilities
For accessibility purposes for people with disabilities or for the elderly, a restaurant should provide access ramps. Know that our contractors can offer you these kinds of ramps around the exterior and interior of your establishmentArchitectural lighting
To stand out from the rest of your culinary competitors, it's crucial to adopt an impressive and unique style. Some restaurants use architectural lighting. They do this so that the colours of their logo motif are absorbed into the walls, ceiling, bar, etc. It's a modern style that attracts attention and makes your walls and ceilings contribute to the style of the establishment. An architect will be able to provide you with options for how best to implement architectural lighting in your restaurant.Architectural lightingPreviousNext
The decorThe exterior envelope, along with the interior decoration and renovations are important, but we must not forget the importance of the decor. The tables, chairs, benches, counters, bars and all the elements that will ensure that the contents and the container appear in unison!The outer envelope of your buildingThe interior of your restaurant will be a primary factor influencing the experience customers will have as guests. The exterior of the building is what will attract new potential customers in the first place. Therefore, it's just as important. Make sure your brand image is well represented. Also, be sure that your exterior siding is inviting and appealing to those who don't know your restaurant.Building exteriorPreviousNext
Architectural services for your restaurant
For a restaurant renovation that requires a complete redevelopment or structural design change, consulting an architect as part of the planning phase is the optimal and often mandatory initial first step as imposed by your city's regulations. The goal of your restaurant restoration should be to bring it up to date. Or, ensure that it stays ahead of the times.

You'll want to work with an architect or technologist familiar with market trends, materials and vendor styles to make the plan that will meet your needs, whatever they may be (modern, chic, rustic, cheap, etc.). Once a plan is established, it will be easy for your advisor to refer to you the contractors who are best suited to ensure the style of renovation you want. Keep in mind that in Ontario, a licensed technologist is restricted to working on restaurants with less than 100 seating capacity.By carefully planning each of these elements, you will have the perfect starting point to obtain accurate quotes and the permits required to bring your dream restaurant to life.Bar Palco Project CommercialPreviousNext
Contractors who won't leave you a with bitter taste in your mouthWith the help of Reno-Assistance, you will have access to the best contractors in the field for your project. That is to say, a professional who can take the reins during each phase of construction or renovation. This ensures that your project is a success from start to finish.Successful renovations start here!Speak to a renovation advisor now! 1-905-604-3162Xing Hong Construction Inc

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